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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Not Dead

So I am typing to you on a brand-spanking-new laptop! Hooray! Granted, it's a laptop with Vista, with which I have thus far been unimpressed, and in fact, displeased (I can download and install Mozilla and Eudora but not AIM or a basic flash plugin? WTF?), but hey, it's logs onto the internet and checks my e-mail, so I'm a pretty damn happy camper. Added bonus - it makes noise! Literally - I had forgotten the little sounds at boot up and new e-mail rings. It's quite fun. Current minor downside - I apparently type faster than the keyboard can keep up. Who knew? Hopefully at least one of us is trainable.

In other news, I just wrapped the conference this morning (poster was a smashing success, thanks for asking), which was generally pretty good (definitely got my wheels rolling on a few problems and made some progress in thinking about what I want to be when I grow up and met some useful people, etc. etc). But I'm still feeling a bit disoriented and in need to getting back in touch with my real life. Hopefully a quasi-normal schedule tomorrow will do the trick.

Full update with nerd facts from the past few days to come shortly.


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