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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Na Na Nanananana
(Mom sings this little jingle when things go her way)

If my life had a soundtrack, around noon today you would have heard that high pitched "aaaaaa" usually played when the skies clear and a single ray of sunlight shines down. Or maybe just a nice musical swell instead. Either way, there would have been a commemoration of me handing over the giant stack of papers for our secretary to overnight for my student paper submission. Even better than just being done? Actually feeling pretty good about the final product. So thanks for the kind words after my last post - it's nice to crawl back out of the ugly places in my head.


Blogger Scott Lemieux said...

Sweet. I think I'll remember the process of submitting my diss at various stages for as long as I live...

11:52 PM  

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