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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Further proof that we're all getting old

In addition to me falling asleep embarrassingly early at the Halloween party, tonight at Public Health Prom we 1) knew practically no one, 2) complained about how crappy the DJ was, and 3) were much more interested in just spending some quality time together, the few of us close friends. Wait, that third one is nice. Maybe that one is an indication that we're growing up rather than old. "Prom" tonight was bittersweet, for a multitude of reasons, but mostly lovely nonetheless. We haven't had much time for each other, as a result of dissertations and job interviews and significant others. It's a cyclical thing - second year we also rarely saw each other, because school was sucking our souls out. So we're understanding, and don't blame each other when we have to bail on plans, which is nice. But it's nicer when we do manage to carve out some time to sit around, drink a bit, and tell stories.


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