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Friday, March 07, 2008

Good days

The past 48 hours have been good. They have entailed:
  • An actual full night's sleep
  • A meeting with my committee during which it was confirmed that a) I don't suck, b) I have done a lot of work and c) it's not totally crazy to want to in, next month
  • The discovery that the prospect of proposing next month, while daunting, is also exciting
  • The news that my friend has 'clean margins' (in cancer lingo, that's excellent news...there's still less-than-excellent-news on the table, but we're dealing with things as they come, and in the meantime, this is excellent news)
  • Sitting outside during a beautiful day, just reading and chatting with the roommate and laughing at the cat
  • A meeting with my team from the US Social Forum and the reminder that, oh yeah, we kick ass!
  • Some exceptionally tasty pancakes at Rise-n-Dine
  • An episode of The Tudors
  • Learning about sweating sickness
  • Watching both the Thrashers and my friend's hockey team (the something Dogs) win on the ice at Philips Arena
  • Getting just good and drunk, for the first time in a really, really long time (I want to say since Halloween, but surely that's not true... I must have done something for New Year's...
  • Remembering how good it is to feel good again (Eli says I'm like a depression medication commercial)


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Blogger Nancy said...

Mazel tov, Megan! Rock that dissertation!

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