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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where I've been!
(Dublin Castle)

So I'm back from my great overseas adventure. I'm still playing catch up with laundry, e-mail, voicemail, and grocery shopping, but wanted to get a quick post up. Mom and I met up Friday morning in Boston, after respective flights at dawn from our own cities, then flew overnight to arrive in Dublin around 5am. Despite essentially no sleep over two nights, we hit the ground running, dropping off our luggage at the B&B and doing a self-guided literary walking tour while waiting for our rooms to be ready.

(Oscar Wilde)

That night we headed to Kielys, which rapidly became our regular pub, and where I was introduced to my new favorite beer! Next time - Trinity College and the Chester Beatty Museum.


Blogger Sudiptya said...

Trinity college is lovely (and a relatively cheap place to stay, as they rent out dorm rooms by the day in the summer!). Saffron and I stayed there for our stint in Dublin and loved it.

I really wish I were in Ireland right now!


6:26 AM  

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