succumbing to peer pressure

Thursday, March 06, 2003

ARG! Just had the most frustrating argument with someone with whom I usually enjoy verbally sparring. He did say that he was angrier than usual tonight, so perhaps that was bleeding through into our argument, but he just seemed so out of character (or perhaps I just don't know his character anymore) and the whole thing felt fruitless...which is probably why he left. I can't believe he actually said that "given my background" he wasn't surprised that I could break down the issue of a potential war in Iraq into a mere intellectual argument. I'm so surprised that he's lashing out at "privileged, white, suburbanites" who are only against the war because it's "trendy." This just doesn't sound like him at all. Not to mention, hypocritical. Being something other than white doesn't exactly take you out of the "privileged, suburbanite" crowd. ARG! And I don't really care if posting this rant makes me seem petty, no one else is awake around here and I needed to get it out of my system.


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