succumbing to peer pressure

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Stood on the sidewalk for about 45 minutes this afternoon, holding the "N" in a "HONK4peace" sign. Although it was somewhat exhilerating everytime someone honked and waved, I couldn't help but feel like it wasn't making much of a difference. Perhaps it's because CWRU is such a conservative (and/or apathetic) campus that there were only about a dozen of us out there, but I wondered if bigger protest marches/rallies/etc. felt more like they had an impact. I think the whole idea of a walkout is great, and it would have been really cool if people just stopped working and going to class today, and hopefully in other cities that happened...but with so few people, it was hard to feel like holding signs and getting some publicity was really going to change much. Driving organizations to a grinding halt, that would have felt like change. Even phone calls and e-mails to my congressional representatives feel more like action than standing out in the cold did today. Perhaps I was just in the wrong place. Maybe standing out in the cold on the steps of the capital would have felt different. Weird, and sad, that I needed a bigger crowd to feel as if what I thought and said and did mattered...shouldn't I be enough? But realistically, I know I'm not. Idealistically, I believe that one person can enact change. But only if that one person does something to attract the attention of the masses.


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