succumbing to peer pressure

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Well, Kate is bored and demanding that someone post something before she is forced to turn to fark, so who am I but to oblige? Anyway, this thing just happened and as I am the only one home and thinking about it, might as well toss it up here for pondering. So my roommies and I are throwing this big graduation party for ourselves (the Masters of the Universe Party, because we're all graduating with Master's degrees...aren't we clever?) and it turns out that one group of my friends has a previous engagement. Cool, no problem there. But (and I don't know why I'm bothering to try to make this anonymous since it will be completely obvious what group of friends I'm talking about, but it just somehow seems rude otherwise...whatever, don't care) for whatever reason the friend who told me they would be otherwise engaged sort of hurt my feelings. I know that wasn't his intention, but he wrote off their absence as unimportant, claiming that not many of them knew me anymore anyway. Which is sort of true and sort of untrue. But mostly just seems beside the point to me. This group of people played a huge role in my life, once upon a time, and even if they don't anymore, it seems logical that I would want them at my big send-off before moving away. Now, this is not an attempt to guilt anyone into coming to my party. And of course, I completely understand that this group of people has somewhere else to be. I'm just saying that claiming that their absence will barely be noticed is unfair to the friendship we once had. And hurts a little.


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