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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

My Life

6 am wake up. work at cdc for 8 hours. hurry home. go to the gym. run to school. work on consulting project that will not end. study for qualifying exams. eat. sleep. repeat.
Hopefully, things will improve next week, when I cut back to half time at the CDC. But since that means more hours studying, I doubt I'll be all that much happier of a camper. (last week I had a nightmare about sufficient statistics. Sufficient statistics! that is the second time ever, in my entire life, that I have dreamed about math/stat. with the weeks to come, I fear it won't be the last)
Anyway, my point is that if between now and June 15 I am short with you, or grumpy, or I don't return your im/e-mail/phone call...please, please, please don't take it personally. I will repay those who are particularly tolerant of my mood swings, but I doubt I'll extend personal apologies to every individual who will deserve one. So consider this one giant preemptive apology.


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