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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

As usual, I'm really grateful for my parents. It helps to know I have a sympathetic ear:

I know it's depressing; I don't have any wise words to make it all better.
Culture-wars are never fun. I remember the shock of realizing that I couldn't graduate from college if I had > 3" hair. (Because of Army kickbacks to the University, 2-years of ROTC was mandatory. ROTC had to be passed to graduate. ROTC couldn't be passed with 3" hair.). Seeing the final shooting scene in Easy Rider, and hearing a fair number in the crowd cheer that "the hippie" was dead left a mark that's still there. The darkest days ahead will be for those who "need stuff", or can't at least understand what's going on - stuck with being reactive means constant buffeting. Better to study/understand and anticipate and be active (but nothing nutzo).
You are fortunate enough to be educated, mobile, "job-worthy", and not in need of much from "Big Government". At least we are in a position to be able to wait for the inevitable slow swing back toward the center. It's a good time to stay focused on local politics (shorter time-constant).

I'm still too shell-shocked to have any coherent thoughts of my own.


Blogger Flash!topian said...

Megan -- I felt numb, horrified, scared, miserable, and lonely until I realized that everyone I know and love also feels numb, horrified, scared, miserable, and lonely. Let's fucking secede!
I started a blog. Send it to everyone you know and we'll make a new State.
Viva Flash!topia

9:30 AM  

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