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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

More goodness

Justin and I were supposed to get together tonight to watch the daily show and poll returns and whatnot. Unfortunately, he had car problems this morning and had to get a ride into work with a friend, and he works kind of far away, and they're just going to stay out there tonight, so we don't get to hang out. That part kind of sucks. But the nice thing is he just called to tell me that and make plans for later in the week. None of this is a particularly big deal, but Sanna and I are always talking about how we like boys who are "on top of things," i.e. who call when they say they will, remember when we make plans, and give us a heads up when plans change. So, you know, just giving him points for calling and being bummed about not being able to hang out tonight.
/does happy dance, because, hey, maybe boy actually likes me.
/goes back to pretending to do homework and trying not to freak out about the future of the country.


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