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Friday, November 12, 2004

I think this is a fantastic idea, but aren't packages mailed to the White House pretty much ditched if they're unexpected? Or does some poor intern have to pore over those too?

Broken Protest - I received a letter from a fan: Sparrow, Here is my new protest. Whenever something breaks—a can opener, a plate, a refrigerator—wrap it and mail it to the White House. On the package write: “You have broken the Constitution, the budget, the nations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Here is a broken toaster for you.”Let us flood the White House with tragic objects.
Sincerely,Ernest Gratel

I like this one too (from comments):

On Jan 20, I plan on flying my flag upside down. In the military, that is a designated distress signal. Imagine how it would look with flags flying upside all across America. The right-wing blatherers would try to spin it as flag desecration, but they would be wrong.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huh. I had a similar thought a while back (during the anthrax scare):

Send an envelope with no return address/fake return address to the white house. Enclose is a small amount of Tide powder and a note along the lines of 'Here some free Tide. Clean up your act, you a-hole'.

Should cause some random intern to freak out a bit.

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