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Monday, February 21, 2005

The Job

So, I interviewed today for another job. And I think I know that if I'm offered the position I should turn it down. But....well, here's the deal:

My interview was with the Carter Center. And on the plus side, I really want to work for the Carter Center, they do a lot of work that I really believe in and it would be a nice experience on the human rights side of things, and it would look fantastic to have both the CDC and the Carter Center on my resume.

On the down side, the fact of the matter is that I'm drowning this semester. Classes are really kicking my butt and I've been saying that it'll be a good thing when my CDC hours come to an end next month and free up some more of my time.

On the other hand, the Carter Center job, if I'm offered it, would pretty much be the equivalent number of hours (or less) as my CDC job now, so even though my schedule totally sucks now, I'm pretty much used to it, so what's the difference if it continues throughout the rest of the semester?

Back on the down side of things, if I'm offered the job, and my reply is, gee, thanks, but I've thought about it, and well, my schedule just doesn't really have room for another job right now, is that burning a bridge? Since I already went to the interview and talked to them about hours and schedules and whatnot? How bad would it be to turn down the job?

Just a refresher for those who don't breathlessly memorize my schedule: I'm taking 5 classes (one of which is a seminar, so that hardly counts), typical TA duties (teaching occasionally, much less often than last semester, office hours, grading, etc.; typically about 5 hours a week), sporadic work with the consulting center (anywhere from 0 to 5 hours a week), pro bono work on the human rights report card (more work to do in the push toward publication, but still only about 5 hours a week), and part-time at the CDC (12 hours a week). So, if the last thing was replaced with 10-15 hours a week analyzing data related to Trachoma, would I go insane? Or would it be worth the sacrifice?

At this point I'm sort of hoping they don't offer me this job, but instead call and ask me to work in the summer. That would be ideal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


C'mon. Opportunities like that must be siezed. You can hang in there twelve more weeks.


6:58 AM  
Blogger Flash!topian said...

Yup. I'm in agreement. I don't mean to sound like some career-nut, but, if I know you, your desire to work and do good outweighs your desire to chill out, and you always find time for hot chocolate and TV to relax on occasion. Plus -- It's a decision you can never regret; whereas, if you turn it down, you'll never stop kicking yourself.
On the other hand, you have been miserably stressed of late. Mark and I have been concerned that this might be cutting into your usually impenetrable happiness.

7:18 AM  

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