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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Creeping back toward normal

Today was a good day. Fell asleep at a vaguely reasonable hour last night and managed to sleep through the entire night. Felt mostly likely myself all day (which is a vast improvement over the paler version of me I've been feeling like if I've been xerox copied too many times or something). And best of all, I've started thinking spontaneously about statistics again. While reading the news or in conversation I'll think about how interesting it would be to study that, or how you could test that idea. Which is nice. I don't feel like I've had time, energy, or brain space to really enjoy statistics in about 6 months and I miss it. Also today I met with a prof to go over ways to report error for this health and human rights paper I'm working on and we talked about variance and chi-square distributions and anova tables and bootstrapping and it mostly made sense and it was a dialogue not a lecture and it felt good. Perhaps there's hope for me after all.

Also, received a care package from Dad today featuring a copy of "Approved but not funded" a hilarious cd, I have no idea how he found it. Songs include "Old Friends, New Data," "Roll Over Sprague Dawley," "Killed by Toxicology," "Holy Trinity (Talking Tenure Track Blues)," and "p=.055."


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