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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Still more things I learned from Jane

Odaban makes a spray-on antiperspirant that (and this freaks me out) blocks your sweat ducts. They claim the sweat is then rerouted to the kidneys and other areas of the body for excretion where it doesn't come into contact with the bacteria in your armpits that makes you stinky. Some dr. they consulted claims this isn't totally insane and won't cause weird health problems, but I'm still skeptical. And get this - you only use it once a week. Take that Lady Mitchum and your so-effective-you-could-skip-a-day.

(and yes, I am so supremely dorky that I have a stack of magazines next to my computer with pages folded down to mark things about which I want to blog. Just wait until I get into the stuff from Mother Jones.)


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