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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

So a friend and I were having a version of the abortion debate when he said something along the lines of (I'm paraphrasing a bit here) - If I get a girl pregnant, and she wants an abortion and I don't, my responsibility/decision-making ability ends with my dick, but if she wants to keep the kid, my responsibility ends when my life does (i.e. child support, etc.). Now, to be frank, I would be a lot more sympathetic to this position if there were fewer dead-beat-dads lying around. But, in theory, I completely agree that this is unfair and gives guys the shaft. And since it sort of goes along with a father's rights conversation I had with Sid a while ago, I thought I'd throw it out there - So? How do we protect women from assholes while simultaneously creating rights and protections for nice guys? And thus, make a significant step toward real equality. (I'm punking out on making any solution suggestions myself; my brain is too full of causal inference and health disparities to tackle this one right now, so fire away peanut gallery!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sex is a serious thing.

Don't sleep with someone unless you're prepared to deal with the with em before hand.

It's an ideal situation, but try and convey it when possible. Equality? If sex is something equally engaged in, then all consequences should be equally engaged in.


10:45 PM  
Anonymous shelbinator said...

Man, you butchered my delightful geometric parallelism! "My rights stop at the end of my dick / responsibilities stop at the end of my life."

I think people will have to start signing precoital agreements.

Actually, I think birth control should be in the water, like fluoride, and that you should have to take a pill if you want to be fertile. :-P

P.S. You said "shaft."

10:57 AM  

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