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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Random Musings from Therapy this morning:

1) health insurance in general, and my student insurance specifically, rocks. And no, I'm not trying to rub other people's noses in their lack of insurance, merely point out how cost prohibitive things are for the uninsured: After a $200 deductible my insurance will cover 80% of all my therapy sessions (I switched out of the freebie student counseling today) meaning after two sessions my co-pay becomes $18.
1a) this also means I can swing the cost of keeping myself sane(r) and don't have to have an awkward conversation with the parents about needing money

2) I've always described my family as one in which there is a high premium placed on academics, but (surprisingly) today was the first time someone said, wow. school problems is a surprising reason for a marriage to hit the rocks. And you know what? It was and it is. And it was a nice confirmation and a relief to hear someone else say it.

3) While I may be pretty good at the art of being nice to myself externally (Carrie is right - I know when to take a night off, spend hours in a bubble bath, and generally pamper myself) I'm not so good and being nice to myself mentally. Being forgiving of sloppiness and mistakes...that's a whole hell of a lot harder.


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