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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Somehow another week has managed to slip past me. I didn't even realize that I'm leaving for Texas this weekend until Kathy reminded me! She says, oh, but you're leaving town soon, and I said no, not until next week, but in reality I have to have to my shit together in 5 days! Five days featuring the fall sangria and tapas mixer, my first review session for that CDC class, and a U2 concert! Not that I'm complaining...just wishing I had another week.

The highlight of this weekend was being Shelby's plus one at Vinocity - the open bar meant discovering a tasty new wine, Malbec, and downing about six glasses or so! Afterward it was back to his place for more red wine and Constantine - granted, I was drunk and tired, but I have no idea what happened in that movie. Anyone want to explain it?

Meanwhile, I'm still making up with Cleo for 'cheating' on her with Shelby's dog Sara.

Yeah, so, in case I don't get back here, for the couple of you who fear I'm dead when I disappear from aim and blog, I'll be in Texas with the family for all of Thanksgiving week...wish me luck.


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