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Monday, December 12, 2005

The basic difference between Dems and Repubs? (a West Wing quote, of course)

When the President's got an embassy surrounded in Haiti, or a keyhole photograph of a heavy water reactor, or any of the fifty life-and-death matters that walk across his desk every day, I don't know if he's thinking about Immanuel Kant or not. I doubt it, but if he does, I am comforted at least in my certainty that he is doing his best to reach for all of it and not just the McNuggets. Is it possible we would be willing to require any less of the person sitting in that chair? The low road? I don't think it is.

I've tried to wrap my brain around the appeal of the everyman, the plain talker, the Joe Schmo president...and I know I'm a member of the ivory tower intelligentsia, so clearly I'm biased, but it's just a position I will never understand. Why wouldn't you want the person with his/her finger on the button to be smarter than you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because smarter isn't always better?

And really, what I want from a president is that he be a *better* person than I am. In a government of the people and by the people, I'm not looking for the highest IQ or the best knowledge of 16th century german literature... I'm looking for someone who can understand the issues of the majority of Americans and has the good sense to try and tackle them in an honest, straightforward, humane, and effective manner.

Most of our best presidents, historically, haven't been our best educated. In fact, if anything ties together our best presidents, its been a tendancy towards womanizing.

Jeb Bartlett comes across as a wonderful president on west wing not because he's got his doctorate, but because he uses his intelligence and education to connect with people. He can be trusted to be his brother's keeper.


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Blogger blithering moron said...

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Blogger Megan said...

I guess I could have elaborated a little better. When I heard the quote it was mostly the "I am comforted at least in my certainty that he is doing his best to reach for all of it and not just the McNuggets," part. I don't specifically need a president who's well-educated and knowledgeable about 16th Century German literature. I need a president who, when confronted with large, complex problems and ideas, reaches for all of it.

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