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Friday, February 03, 2006

I've been putting off posting anything more about the SotU, or Cindy Sheehan's arrest. Just in case you somehow missed it, two women were asked to leave the House prior to the beginning of Bush's speech, but only Sheehan was actually handcuffed and arrested (although the capital police did later apologize). Cup O' Joe is talking about it, and he mentions this:

Years ago, long before film or television, protesters were simply beaten with clubs and dispersed. Now, they're downplayed and ridiculed in the corporate media, or locked up in "free speech zones" that look remarkably like prison camps.

I was raised by a couple of hippies, and their stories become slightly more honest the older I get. Dad was at one protest where there were two groups of students - the ones who were willing to get pounded on, and the ones whose job it was to chant, "They're beating the students!" over and over again. Mom was once chased through a building on campus by a 'protest security guard' who finally gave up when she darted into the women's restroom.

So, yeah, I suppose things could be worse. But after five SotUs by the little wannabe emperor, I'm inclined to agree with Shelby:

I'm seriously going insane. Why can't he just lie about oral sex instead of, you know, everything else?


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