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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dr. Dog/Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Thanks to Mike and Corrine, I attended a most excellent little music show last night at the Variety Playhouse (conveniently located within walking distance of my place, and a good thing too, since the Canadians whip up a tasty vodka cream pasta, which of course includes putting most of the bottle of vodka in us rather than dinner). Right, so, the show. Dr. Dog opened, and immediately made up in adorable-ness for any lacking in musical-ness. Actually, that's not fair. Musically, they're obviously quite talented. Lyrically, they're a little less interesting. But when all the bandmates are clearly having as much damn fun as these guys were on stage, it's hard to deny joining in the enjoyment. The lead singer sounds slightly like a more radio-friendly version of Vic Thrill. C and I favored the keyboard player, who looked like he cut his hair with a floabie then licked his hand to smooth down any cowlicks. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah simply fucking rocked. Again, our favorite was the keyboard player (who also picked up a guitar and beat himself black and blue with a tamborine when the occasion called), who wore a constant expression of pure joy. My favorite song went like this, "Satan...satan....satan...satan...satan...SHUT UP!" It was cute, you'll have to take my word for it. Of course, you knew you were in the south when at the end of that song someone shouted, "Jesus Christ!" Or maybe it was a hipster being ironic. Who knows.


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