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Sunday, March 12, 2006


I hate it. I appreciate what it enables me to do, but in principle, I hate it. I hate thinking about it and worrying about it and talking about it, and it seems these days that's about all I do. I hear it creeping casually into my conversations, practically every topic comes back around to my current state of financial instability, and now I'm blogging about it. And part of me is disgusted, because really, I'm not poor. I have a savings account (hell, I have a retirement fund!), a fridge full of food, a nice house, health insurance, and parents (and friends) who are willing and able to bail me out should things get really dire. But I am hand-to-mouth enough (and nerdy enough) that I'm constantly doing math in my head. And it's exhausting. How do people live this way for extended periods of time? How do people live this way with children?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They scream at each other. They fight. They divorce each other over the stress of money. They yearn to give their kids opportunities and things that make them smile.

Money can make people pretty miserable. That's why so many put up with stuff like engineering just for the stability it brings monetarily (It's also why they work for the oil industry!).

Conversely, its nice when friends let me help them out monetarily, 'cause then money brings a job that is the polar opposite of money worries.


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