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Thursday, April 27, 2006

As Amelia has often stated, the internet is a many wonderous thing, especially when it rather spontaneously and unexpectedly connects you to people from your past. Note the addition to my 'daily stalking.' Dionysum may be known as the director of one hell of a production of JCS, as that guy who can cram a totally unnatural number of things into his mouth, or just a recently discovered blogger who has interesting and articulate things to say about our current political situation. Enjoy.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to wrap my brain around my recent discovery that when it comes to emergency preparedness in general, and pandemic flu planning specifically, we're even more screwed than I thought. I feel like Sarah Vowell, realizing that my own cynicism still paints too rosy a picture of reality. Basically, the CDC and HHS both have separate departments with the stated purpose of emergency planning and response and whatnot, which would be ok if they, you know, talked to each other or were linked in any sort of way at all. Best as I can tell, they aren't (besides CDC being a division of HHS, these two departments still have conflicting/non-cooperating roles, as far as I can glean from their respective websites). Trying to let that all sink in a bit before attempting to work that into my paper in some coherent way.


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