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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Six questions to ask your elected public officials (as suggested by the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association):

1. Do you believe that all Americans have the right to birth control, including access to a range of contraceptive choices, from condoms to emergency contraception?

2. Do you support insurance coverage for prescription contraceptive drugs and devices?

3. Do you support federal funding for local birth-control clinics?

4. Do you think a woman should be able to obtain emergency contraception at her local pharmacy without a prescription?

5. Do you think pharmacies should be required to fill all legal prescriptions, including birth control?

6. More than half of American teenagers have engaged in sex by the time they graduate from high school. Do you support comprehensive sex education in schools, including teaching about birth control and safe sex, as well as abstinence?

Sadly, my senators say yes to 1, maybe 2, and no to the rest. Not sure about my representative. My local senator is pretty awesome, and says yes to all 6, but is such a minority voice, he's typically on the losing end of these issues.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time to hit two of your favorite topics: women's rights and social health policy. Check out the link if you dont read metafilter...

El Syd

4:14 PM  

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