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Saturday, July 22, 2006

So Much (free) Music!

So last night I did the volunteer with MFA thing at the Guster/Ray LaMontagne show (we alternately switched from Music for America to Music for Apples (my favorite), Music for Afghanistan, and Mother-Fucking Assholes). We registered people to vote (only a few, but the good news is that's because most people were already registered! yay!) and got them to sign up with MFA. Alas, we didn't have any opt out forms, but we did tell a number of folks about public schools hooking the military up with their information without their permission.

Random LaMontagne gossip - apparently his dad tried to kill him. I haven't bothered to google for the story, but security at the gate had his dad's picture with instructions not to let him in should he show up!

Guster was generally awesome and adorable, as expected.

I volunteered with this girl Lyn, who was very nice and ... interesting. The sort of person with stories about being homeless and sleeping on the street and not having any money and touring with bands and me sitting there not sure if I believe half of what she says. But nice, nonetheless, and recommended that I start listening to World Leader Pretend and Ben Lee.

We also hung out with these two guys volunteering for Rock the Earth and about halfway through the show I finally asked one of them why he looked so familiar and turns out he's Joey (one of the chemistry kids) minus his long hair and ponytail. And his friend Seth works at Smith's Olde Bar and they're headed over there after the show to see Pnuma and can get us in for free if we'd like to come.

So free show number two of the evening. Holy shit, Pnuma! They're techno, but a mostly more upbeat, rocking, dance-able techno as opposed to a sit around stoned and/or tripping and marvel at the lights and sounds sort of techno. And the dancing was fantastic! The sort of completely unattractive flopping around thing I typically reserve for the privacy of my own apartment. But everyone is just moving because it feels great and who cares if we all look strange and dorky because no one is checking anyone else out anyway and we're just having FUN! Fantastic. I'm actually a little sore this morning, but that seems a small price to pay (and hey, saves me a trip to the gym).

Moving backwards in time, last Sunday Corrine graciously agreed to spend all afternoon hanging out with me at Park Tavern so we'd have good seats for the free Pete Yorn show, which rocked. Acres opened, whom I'd never heard of, but were quite pleasing. And hopefully I will soon be the proud owner of this Pete Yorn t-shirt (the Expose Yourself one).

Now that my ears have finally stopped ringing I'm supposed to do some reading for my dissertation, but I am sorely tempted to sit on the couch watching the Scrubs dvd that Netflix just delivered instead...


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