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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Holy Shit! Today was a good day for mail, e- and snail! First (and in increasing order of excitement!) my registration materials for the upcoming stroke conference in San Francisco arrived. Second, my abstract on health disparities was accepted as a poster at an upcoming conference. Third, another abstract was accepted as an oral presentation* at an upcoming conference! And fourth, via snail mail I received my complimentary copies of the journal featuring the article on which I am second author!!!! Huzzah! AND the package, from the Harvard School of Public Health, is addressed to Dr. Megan!!!! That makes three pieces of mail (two e-, one snail) addressed (erroneously) to Dr. It gives me chills. I'm such a dork, I literally cut the address label off the package. I may frame it. Hot damn!

*so I had better get over the previously mentioned performance anxiety ASAP!


Blogger amelia said...

in my office back in new haven, one of the fifth-or-so-years has pinned up a whole slew of things addressed to "Dr. So-and-so." I imagine it would be hells of cool. Also -- when are you in San Francisco??

2:38 PM  

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