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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Today is Back Up Your Birth Control Day! I think of this as being aware of your plethora of birth control options (condoms, diaphragm, The Pill/ring/shot/etc., cervical cap) but most organizations are focusing primarily on Emergency Contraception. Given the myriad of misconceptions surrounding EC, this seems reasonable. EC is currently available without a prescription, but is kept behind the counter to prevent those impressionable young teens from gaining access. However, some stores are still refusing to provide it, despite company policies to the contrary. So don't wait until you're freaking out about a contraceptive mishap, stroll down to your local pharmacy and demand some EC today!

The ACLU also has some links to interesting and useful things you can to celebrate today, or any day!


Blogger Sudiptya said...

Think you'd be up for a visitor mid-May? Consider it a way of backing up your contraceptive by having a completely unattractive guy be the one staying over, thus killing any desire to engage in the act of conception.


7:29 PM  

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