succumbing to peer pressure

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Everybody asks me how she's doing
Since she went away
I said I couldn't tell you
I'm OK I'm OK (I'm OK)

Today is damn near perfect. It's warm enough to be comfortable in very little clothing, but not so hot as to be oppressive. It wasn't all rainbows and (motherfucking) unicorns, from beginning to end, of course. But right now...right now is pretty fucking swell. I have just the right amount of alcohol in my system - sober enough to drive safely but relaxed. I know that's probably not a terrific idea to endorse, but frankly, if self-medicating feels this good, I'm all for it. This morning I was a little cranky, a little sleep deprived, and a little impatient with my little tutorees. Then I rushed to get to kickball on time and the first few innings of our playoff game were so high pressure that my heart kept flippety-flopping in my chest quite uncomfortably. But then we settled in, and although we ultimately lost, we played really well. Followed up by pizza and beer at mellow mushroom and more beer at the after-pool-party (where I did my best to suppress the inevitable feeling of beached whale on the first bathing-suit-wearing occasion of the summer). Then the drive home with the sun and the windows down and the radio up. Life is ok. I'm ok. It's a great relief to grin unexpectedly, and to find that familiar feeling of deep comfort and satisfaction with the world around me. What a welcome change from crying unexpectedly during the quiet moments.

Dave Matthews Band, of course.


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