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Friday, October 17, 2008

Growing up is like jumping out of an airplane
(or so I imagine)

Eep! So I had a telephone interview tonight for a job. A real jobby-job. And it went incredibly well. I've had a crush on the company for years, and it seems a little too perfect the way things are coming together. I've been invited up for a proper interview and job talk. It's time to start laying out the pros and cons in a rational fashion, but the voice in my head is too busy saying OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD over and over again, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. I'll be looking for input from all of my peanut gallery, but in particular those of you who have traveled to/lived in developing countries/states with potentially unstable social/political climates (the job is US-based, but there would be 6-8 weeks of travel every year, in two week batches).

Meanwhile, it looks like one week from today I leave for DC, Sunday I fly to San Diego, and now Tuesday or Wednesday I'll be heading up to SF (it'll be a rapid-fire blow-by, so likely no time for visiting, but local people - I'll keep you posted if I can work in a meal or drinks or something). The complicated piece is that I'm already scheduled to do ATL to DC to SD to ATL on Delta, and apparently Delta doesn't fly directly from SD to SF (seriously?!). So how do I do this? Cancel my last leg on delta, then book a separate one-way on some other airline SD to SF then another one-way on delta back to ATL? Or two separate one-ways on whatever other airline, SD to SF then SF to ATL? So complicated! (and exciting and scary!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm very excited for you and want to get involved. On the slight thing, work delta online or god forbid on phone. In general you can do disjoint legs w no penaly via the 'multiple cities' link (which you would have to invoke via the 'change flights link'). I've done this a lot with europe; in london, out barcelona, foreign carriers within; no worries. On the rest well, let's talk; I think it is a go and want to hear who it is, be subjective and opinionated, and relate what I've learned in life about opportunity and aggression and make you a more effective person than I. Eager-

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