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Monday, May 25, 2009

Day Two

Although the air mattress squeaks every time I roll over and it slides a bit on the bamboo floor, general sleep deprivation is mostly overcoming in-ideal sleeping conditions. Plus, I ordered this bed online. Hopefully tomorrow I'll know when they can deliver it, and hopefully that day will be before I start work next Monday.

No movers today (I finally had to call and track them down to find out that they now plan to arrive tomorrow around noon - were they ever planning to tell me? or just assuming that I would avoid straying far from my apartment until they showed up?).

Other than that, day two was a smashing success. Unlike my movers, Comcast did show up when they said they would and I now have cable and (obviously) internet. The Canadians came over in the afternoon (as evidenced by adorable Liam above...what's up with my creepy, croaky laugh in the background?) and we had a lovely, if chilly, walk through the park. Then the new boss took me out for tasty Indian food. Life continues to be good.


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