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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

And another thing...

Just realized that the previous two posts are fairly grumpy and complaining sounding. It's just because I hate to have to work and study at the same time. But I really do realize how lucky I am to be working at the CDC and how tremendously awesome it is that a mere 9 months after moving here saying I'd like to work for the CDC one day, I am! And once I actually have some work to do, it sounds like it'll be pretty cool work. I'll be helping out with the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Management System (PRAMS) and all the reading I've been doing for the past 3 days talks about how the results of this ongoing study have decreased infant and maternal morbidity and mortality and influenced policy decisions to provide better information and healthcare to expecting mothers. So, you know that whole helping people, making the world a better place thing? These people are doing it. And, for the summer, I'm one of them. :-)


Blogger amelia said...

Dude, your site is SO FUCKING PRETTY. i'm jealous. also, i just friendstered you, so friendster me back before i get all sad.

AND -- congratulations on being at the cdc! let us know if there are any, um, interesting, administration effects on research. also, good luck with quals. that is one amazing schedule you're keeping.

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