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Monday, November 15, 2004

Someone has put UNFPA donation cards on the bulletin board in the breakroom. While it makes me sad that the UNFPA needs donation cards, I really like that I work somewhere where people are aware of the 34 million friends organization and are working to get more funding for the UNFPA.

The Boy
After a week of phone tag with me in DC and him in NY we finally spoke in "real time" last night. After I warned him that my week might be going to shit with a potential last-minute deadline for a presentation getting bumped up to Thursday, he suggested a study date. Translation - he likes me! He really likes me! (and the good news is my deadline didn't get bumped up, so hopefully I can see him under more relaxed, enjoyable circumstances this week)

An article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on "quarter-life crises" seems a little hard to believe. First, I'll offer a ton of disclaimers - yes, I realize that I am incredibly lucky to have found something I love doing. No, I don't actually think that people in their early twenties are fully formed yet. And yes, I am in favor of bouncing around a bit in your twenties to really figure yourself out and what you want to do with your life. But a girl in this article was "stunned" by a six month post-college job search, "baffled" by $70 grocery bills and "…felt like a deer in headlights" with her slightly more than $20,000 a year salary. I'm sorry, in what reality have these people been living? And why didn't their friends/parents/guardians/teachers/mentors grab them by the shoulders and yank them back into the reality that most of have been living in before they slunk back home to live in Mom and Dad's basement totally depressed about life and its prospects? (one more disclaimer - I don't think moving back home is necessarily a bad decision. It makes perfect sense to move home while transitioning from school to school or school to job or while getting yourself out of debt or while licking your wounds after significant personal upheavel. But I think doing it out of laziness because it seems like a pretty good default option or fear or the fact that life is tough, are all inadequate reasons.)


Blogger Flash!topian said...

This is why it's helpful to learn to despise your parents while you're young. Even if you eventually learn to love them, despite all their insanity, you are grateful for your pittance of 16K/yr for all your laborious work, even though it doesn't afford you the awesome time that the Sex and the City girls seem to be having. In fact... it doesn't afford you much of anything. In fact, it doesn't even pay your rent. In fact, you're living without beer or decent food or TV or... Mommy!!!

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