succumbing to peer pressure

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Darlings - for those worried about my "impenetrable happiness" (see Carrie's comment below) - just wanted to let you know that tonight is a good night. It's true, I've succumbed to bouts of grumpiness and frustration a bit more often than usual lately, and will doubtlessly continue to do so in the future. But rest assured, these are interspersed with nights like last night, when I spent 5 lovely hours chilling with the boys (instead of the 2 hour break I had promised myself) and tonight, when the cloud lifts and I feel great. Thanks for noticing, and caring.

Also, before I forget again, C - re: my V, yes, of course. As the two people who have tried just as hard as I have to lose it, should something happen, I leave it in your trusted possession. Use, sell, enjoy! (though truly, I hope it never comes to that!)


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