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Saturday, April 23, 2005

My desk exists again! This is terribly exciting. For the past several weeks it's been buried under about a dozen articles about estimating coefficients when covariates are measured with error (wee!) for that stoopid presentation that my prof rescheduled at the last minute and finally happened yesterday. I was so inspired I even went through the growing piles to the right of my desk and on the corner of my coffee table. So I finally feel like I have a space in which to work and concentrate, which is perfect timing, since the next three weeks are going to be ridiculous. C'est la vie. If I get through this, I know I can get through anything.

Meanwhile, I've gotten myself on a cleaning kick, so I'm actually tempted to vacuum instead of working on (yet another) presentation. I guess that makes my life sound sort of sad. Or me sound like a freak. I guess the latter is more accurate.

And last night I spent hours just staring at the tiniest, tiniest kittens ever! April and Scott are adopting two out of the four that were abandoned when their mother was eaten by a dog. The woman who had been feeding the mother cat brought them to the clinic where Scott works. They only just opened their eyes and have to be fed from a warm bottle every few hours and are all wobbly on their legs and just quite possibly the cutest things I've ever seen. Reassuringly though I was happy to come home to Cleo, who, frankly, is just way cooler.

Ok, now that I've (yet again) made myself sound like the crazy cat lady, I leave you with this thought for the day - Meet the Barkers is the most entertaining new thing on television.


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