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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hoping for a happy medium

Just when I was starting to go a little stir crazy from sitting at home (and a little additionally crazy from spending too much time in my own head) Andy remembered that I'm the girl with all the free time and I've barely been home in the past 30 hours. Spent a lovely morning and early afternoon on Lake Alatoona yesterday, learning how to drive the jetski and making one successful attempt at water skiing before hitting the water in a painful enough fashion that I opted for driving the rest of the time (how shall I put this delicately? I'll probably be peeing lake water for the next day or two). Home just long enough to change clothes then back out for softball with the chem kids, where I discovered that despite my lack of hand-eye coordination, I did not suck nearly as much as I feared. Again a brief appearance at home before heading over to the boys' place to make brownies and chill and eventually fall asleep on the couch. Back home this morning, back out to the gym (yay for making serotonin!) then out to The Ted for tailgating and a rather soggy Braves game for Reese's birthday followed by drinks and pipe smoking on Lindsey and Parker's porch. Lovely as it's all been, I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and then spending the day cleaning and generally getting my apartment and life back in order.


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