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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I finally got back to climbing for the first time in forever this evening and now I look like a little kid with bruised knees from bashing them against the wall. Yay for sports where you leave a little piece of yourself behind! I'm also guessing that it didn't exactly do wonders for the stupid hematoma I've been sporting since giving blood badly on Monday (they said no heavy lifting...I'm pretty sure hauling my own body weight around counts as heavy lifting).

So this is the middle of a string of long ass days this week (and I thought this semester was going to bring a ligher load? well, at least it's different). I babysat for Paul's awesomely precocious kids last night (his daughter knows the chorus to "Anarchy Girl") and just in case gym time yesterday and today weren't enough of a workout, I was a human jungle gym for them last night when both kids refused to go to bed. Today seemed like neverending questions from students, but at least it meant finally earning some income. And speaking of income, tomorrow I get to meet the prof from Tulane for whom I'm TA-ing once a month (it's complicated, but he's running this psuedo-distance class for full-time professionals. they meet once a month and need a grad student to run review sessions. it hasn't been worked out officially, but it so far it seems I can pretty much name my price). Then Friday I'm off to Duke for the Active Minds conference (and figuring out what's up with my counterpart from Case...our old chair was in town yesterday and obtusely mentioned that my counterpart and I needed to talk...we'll see what that's all about).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Earlier today I was wondering how different you and I would be if we'd ended up as frosh roommates at Wellesley. Random thought.

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