succumbing to peer pressure

Thursday, October 13, 2005

So today went like this - sit in on class to prepare for teaching said class next week, misc work stuff, dealing with student e-mails and stupid HR people, seminar, some actual homework of my own, coffee break, more work, 'freshen up' (fresh application of deoderant, that hair-flippy-thing girls do, and make-up-touch-up) for dinner with the CDC folk, then meet the rest of the class over at the CDC and go over TA stuff and misc class stuff, finally meet friends for a beer. The result? 16 hours in heels. I figured if I was meeting real people for a job I should at least look my age. So no typical uniform of jeans, t-shirt, flip-flops today. Part of me is pleased and surprised at my ability to impersonate vaguely professional female capable of arriving for 5:00 dinner looking fresh and like I just walked out of the house instead of coming from 8 hours at school, part of me is depressed at just how much I live out of my office now.

Now, time to make flight reservations for Thanksgiving and pack for Duke this weekend. Oh yeah, and sleep. Somewhere in there I'm sure sleep will happen. Good thing I'm not driving tomorrow.


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