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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Today was great, highly productive, but exhausting. Two job interviews*, returned a book to Borders, mailed Mom's Day gift, did some consulting work, a little dissertating, dinner with Kathy, grocery shopping, and sorted through several days of backlogged mail. Spent the last two nights elsewhere (all-night babysitting gig Tuesday and prolonged power outage last night resulted in crashing on the boys' couch) so I'm seriously looking foward to crawling under the covers momentarily (and maybe finishing my book).

*remember how I said I might start coaching gymnastics? Interviewed with a fellow former gymnast this morning who started a program at the local Jewish center. I may only make enough money to pay for the gas it'll take to get there, but I'm hoping the mental break and physical activity will make everything cost effective. I'm a little less jazzed about the second one (primarily helping out with birthday parties with a little coaching) but still, physical activity and new people could be nice...

Also, the Colbert Report is on in the background and Albright is his guest tonight! How cool is that?


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