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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The rest of DC

was excellent, so I guess all-in-all, marks in the positive column (I did, after all, survive the scary plane ride, so how many negative marks can it really count for?). I stayed with the always lovely Kate, who is, indeed, the hostess with the mostess. I literally only spent time at the conference hotel and Kate's apartment. In 4.5 days I did absolutely no sight-seeing and didn't even step foot into the district once. It was great. Don't get me wrong, DC is still one of my favorite places, but I was in some serious need of down time, and down time was provided.

In a happy coincidence, one friend from high school was also visiting the area, and another always lives there, so the three of us got together for dinner on Saturday night. I then slept for some 11 hours or so for the first time in months, and then slothed around the apartment, leaving only to pick up conference registration materials and Chipotle for lunch. That evening we watched John Adams, which I highly recommend, even though I won't get to see the rest until it's out on netflix (no HBO for me). Laura Linney makes an excellent Abigail Adams.

On St. Pat's I spent a full day at the conference, but still managed to limit myself to only three sessions, which I think was just the right amount of information to take in for one day. After a quick practice of my own upcoming presentation it was time for the drinking to commence, which featured a moderate amount of orange vodka and pomegranate juice (mmmm!) and quite a bit of Bushmills (for two small women, I have to say, Kate and I can really put that stuff away!). Plus there was No Country for Old Men* and bits of This Is Spinal Tap and Rounders and an excellent episode of Inside the Actors Studio with Hugh Laurie (love that man) and Wii tennis and bowling and baseball! Whee!

Tuesday I dragged myself out of bed in time for 'heavy breakfast' and the keynote speaker at the conference (I'm particularly glad of the latter, as Donald Berry is the kind of statistician I hope to grow up to be and really reminded me of why I love this profession).

Sadly, Wednesday meant waking up at dawn and packing up and saying goodbye, but happily it also meant giving my presentation, which went pretty damn well, if I do say so myself. I may even be able to hang on to this sensation of feeling like a real Statistician for a day or two.

The End.

*I had been sort of putting off No Country for Old Men, as I was sure it was excellent, but also exhausting, and just really wasn't in the mood. It is intense, but for any who've been hesitant, I say rush out and see it now! It's every bit as excellent as everyone says it is, the cinematography is brilliant, the storytelling aspects are wonderful, and it's even, at moments, very funny.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

for two small women, I have to say, Kate and I can really put that stuff away!

It's nice to know that some things will never change, no?

We had to miss John Adams this week bah! Thank god for the DVR!

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Err... I'm sure you've sorted out that that's me by now... but yes. I'm lame :D


11:46 AM  

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