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Friday, October 24, 2008

It's a beautiful thing

(unrelated, but, you know, about marriage, and I'm here for a wedding) Landed safely in DC (after two-hour flight delay) and actually enjoyed family dinner. Vaguely serious discussion about what I'll be when I grow up with the parents post-dinner was seriously aided by the quantities of wine consumed by all of us at dinner. Eh. Still not really getting what I want from them, but learning to let it affect me less.

Also, seeing my brother wearing a wedding band is pretty weird. Just saying.

And lastly, flat screen tv + big hotel bed + no alarm clock = happiness.


Blogger A White Bear said...

I don't mean to hate on anti-Prop-8, which you know I'm supporting like crazy, but doesn't this particular ad seem... uh... white? Like, to the extreme? There are a couple of people in the ad who may not consider themselves white, but there's a weird lack of blackness here. I count one clearly Asian person doing some kissing at the end.

Why are both pro-8 and anti-8 ads both so invested in whiteness?

(Boo 8, &c. &c.)

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've guessed I'm voting no on 8, but I'm also displeased with the ads in general. I don't see why us "liberals" are so afraid of using the Bible to our benefit--i.e. it's not Christian to deny people their rights, even if we disagree. Yes, there are several ads that say this, and I suppose you can't use the exact phrase "it is/isn't Christian to...", but I think the point really needs to be driven home.

Also, I'm glad you decided to go. Take a deep breath and just be calm and confident for the next several days and stop worrying so much about your decision. You're going to end up in a great job/fellowship whatever happens.

11:45 PM  

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