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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good News!

Not that I expect this to change people's minds, but this court ruling that vaccines are NOT linked to autism is good news nonetheless.

In other news, I have a defense date! Tuesday, March 24, 1pm. Send me all the good vibes you can spare, ok? And, because my roommate is awesome and hilarious:

Me: Is it inappropriate to send out Save the Date cards for my defense?

Roommate: the cover of the invitation should be a picture of you flicking off the camera with the caption "take that, suckas!"
Roommate: can i wear a jumpsuit to your defense?

Of course, I don't feel the need to flick off cameras and shout take that, suckas, because, as I say over and over again, I've had a mostly positive experience these past 6 years. But I still love the idea of sending out formal invites with such crude sentiments.

Also, I keep telling friends and colleagues to save the date, and a few look confused for a second and ask if I'm getting married, to which I reply, No! Something waaay more exciting! On the one hand, that seems reasonable, since hopefully one doesn't spend six years preparing for a wedding. On the other hand, is that a sad statement about my grad student life?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck on your defense!

Perhaps you should suggest that your roommate get one of those foam #1 finger things that they can waive around every time you answer a question from the floor?

6:24 AM  

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