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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week One

My first day of work is tomorrow! Eep!

But really, bizarro bus ride and first-day-jitters* aside, life continues to be good. My bed arrived on Wednesday (and I LOVE it), spent Thursday afternoon shopping (for clothes) with Cor, all day Friday shopping (for random household items) with PC, then Saturday afternoon at the wine festival with the Canadians (which turned in to a rather impromptu Saturday night on the Canadian's couch and Sunday morning brunch and more shopping trip).

I do miss my ATL folks (hello ATL folks!) but I have to say, it's a real luxury to have such ready access to PC and the Canadians. These are friends I haven't lived near in years, and now I can just hop on a bus and a bart and there they are! That simple fact has made this transition so much easier and less scary.

*Seriously? I'm all anxious and nervous, and I already know that I love this job and fit in and like my coworkers! What's up with that? For pete's sake, I've already been to work in the office! How could there possibly be a less stressful first day of work? And yet here I am, bouncing all over the place.


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