succumbing to peer pressure

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Sweet glorious light at the end of the tunnel! Ok, please forgive me if my scholastic woes temporarily distract me from the overwhelming woes going on in the world right now. I'm sorry if that makes me appear self-centered or fickle, and I know that's merely going to strengthen a certain person's argument about "people like me" but I just can't help it. Much as I'm in favor of No Business As Usual I think if I failed to graduate that would be the sort of statement that only my parents and I would notice. So occasionally I have to put aside my idealistic tendencies and be pragmatic. Anyway, my current bliss is caused by the fact that I just found the pattern in the third problem of my midterm! I have been avoiding this problem for a week, was convinced that it was unsolvable, and now that it's due tomorrow, hope is restored! Yay for the small things! :-)


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