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Monday, April 28, 2003

Warning: Megan will be sappy, sentimental, and nostalgic for the next 4 weeks or so.

As much as I say (and think) negative things about Cleveland (the city itself, not the people I've met here), and as happy as I am to be moving to a new city, I was surprised to discover tonight that I'm actually going to miss things about my physical location here. Granted, so far the things that I've noticed that about are more related to the CWRU campus than the actual city of Cleveland, but it's probably only a matter of time before I get mushy about those things too. Then again, I suppose half of it is being caused by the whole spring-breautiful-weather-thing. I often forget that I just like things better when the weather is nicer. Before moving here I barely believed in S.A.D., and I definitely never thought I got it. But after the last five years, I have definitely noticed that I like the look and feel and smell of places better once the temp. gets up to about 70 degrees or so and the sun actually makes an appearance more than once or twice a week. I think I also just have a thing for that not-quite-twilight moment around 7 pm when the sun isn't really setting yet, but it's getting low in the sky...anyway, that's about what time it was tonight when I happened to look up and actually liked the profile of the campus buildings I was walking under and actually thought that I was going to miss this campus. Who'd have thought it? Wow, that was quite the ramble to get to that.


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