succumbing to peer pressure

Sunday, May 04, 2003

My roommates are brilliant! Spa Day is the best idea ever. I haven't felt this pampered in ages, and I have the happiest feet, hands, and face. Nothing but lounging around the apt. all day watching movies and soaking our feet and applying masks. Pretty fucking awesome. Later we're going to the drive-in. Too bad Identity isn't showing with something cooler than Anger Management. Ah well. Potential schedule for rest of week, for those who are interested in joining, just give us a call!

Monday - Ken arrives; museums in the morning, gettin' drunk at the dome in the evening

Tuesday - 50 cent theater or "other" in the morning, Carrie and Mark are going to see Bright Eyes in the evening

Wednesday - free morning, $25,000 Pictionary at our place in the evening, starting around 9:30

Thursday - X-Men! (Still looking for suggestions for "finale" for Thursday night)


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