succumbing to peer pressure

Monday, May 24, 2004


Wow. Requiem for a Dream is just such an impeccably well done movie. Everything - the acting, the cinematography, the sound, the music. Just amazing. I can't believe this wasn't recommended more strongly to me. It is, as everyone warned, incredibly depressing...but somehow, in this way that's just right. Maybe because everything else is so well done, the gut-wrenching-ness seems inevitable and necessary too. I don't know. But it definitely didn't fuck me up as much as people had warned me it might. Practically feel like this should be required viewing for all high school students. Anyway...also, stuck around afterwards for great conversation with Matt. Reason 601 that I don't like a 9-5-type job - if I could have, I would have gladly stuck around most of the night, discussing politics and education and the health system and jobs and just worked tomorrow afternoon and evening instead. Alas, the ranks of the working world...(off to bed)


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