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Monday, May 17, 2004

Bah. So it's 8 pm and I haven't started studying and I didn't go for a run and I didn't even work a full day today, so I have no excuse. The only things I've marked off my list today are 1) take out trash 2) go to work 3) lunch with the ladies. Number three was, obviously, lovely. Anna and I hung out with Rizwana all afternoon and oohed and ahhed over her wedding and honeymoon pictures and just chatted away until almost 5. So I got home about the same time as if I had worked a full day and promptly went to sleep on the couch. And now I'm totally unmotivated. 19 days out from test day seems dangerously early to be burned out. Am currently weighing how much more the rest of the week would suck if I just didn't do any studying at all today...then the other side of my brain kicks in with the reminder that I haven't really even done enough studying to rationalize taking a full day off...blah. So it looks like this blog is going to be all bitching about exams all the time. I'm sure that'll be super entertaining for the rest of you.


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