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Saturday, May 15, 2004

So tired right now

I'll be putting on a movie and crawling into bed very soon. What a happening chic I am at midnight on a Saturday. But I did just get back from a party, so I suppose I'm not the Crazy Cat Lady just yet. Anyway, today's studying didn't take as long as expected (thanks goodness!) so I headed over to April's for my last free load of laundry at Clairmont and to help her pack up some things. Got to see her new apartment and now I can finally imagine summer. For about a month now everyone has been talking about how great the summer is going to be and all the parties and with finals and work and qualifiers I just haven't even been able to imagine a time when I won't be studying or otherwise stressed out. But today at April's FROG (Furnished Room Over the Garage) I was finally able to picture it - lazy afternoons waking up on the fouton, Scott making breakfast, afternoons and evenings sitting outside...and then it hit me - 22 days from now, I will actually have weekends during which I can do nothing. I can sleep in and chill with my friends and not feel guilty. And her place is just so obviously a place of happiness. It has a similar vibe to the Belmar Estate. It's just awesome. And she put a fouton in the living room and now refers to that as my room. Which is just about the nicest, sweetest thing. Went over to the boys' new place last night and the three of them living together remind me a little of Belmar too - it just makes me happy to see them all in one place. And lastly, I've decided - after my qualifying exams I'm going to get "a stress relieving massage, pampering facial and special sea salt manicure and pedicure treatment." Oh, and a much-needed haircut. It just might be the best $250 I've ever spent.


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