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Saturday, May 15, 2004


I got to this site by clicking through five different ones, so I'm going to use bad blogger etiquette and just link to the final one instead of giving everyone credit for getting me there. Anyway, end result is, apparently some conservative bloggers are all offended that the Nick Berg story isn't getting more airtime than the Iraqi prisoner abuse story. There's plenty of discussion that I could delve into about that (Tom Tomorrow covers it pretty well), but I'll cut to what I find most disturbing - the particular blog that I've linked to uses a list of the most searched-for phrases on popular search engines to prove that people care more about the Berg story. But he doesn't seem even remotely bothered that people are searching for the video of Nick Berg being decapitated. They're all pissed off that the media has been editing it prior to the actual decapitation. Call me crazy, but that seems a lot more like morbid fascination than actual concern over the story. We all know what happens after the video cuts on the nightly news or cnn or where ever one happens to be watching it, do we honestly need to see it in all its ghastly detail? I know, I'm dancing on the hypocrisy line since I often talk about how it is our moral duty to subject ourselves to disturbing images (for example, coffins arriving in Dover) to fully appreciate the consequences of our national decisions. But I think it's reasonable to state that there's a line of decency that does not need to be crossed. (i.e. we should see images from Dover but it is unnecessary to air battlefield images of fallen soldiers)


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