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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Ladies Night

So tonight I poured myself into a pair of jeans in which, literally, it was difficult to sit. And the girls did my make up and I remembered just how much fun it is to dance and dance and dance and that boys will always give you a dollar to tip the stripper because they think it's hot to see a girl tip a female stripper and I did that old school dance move where you hang on to your partner's hand and lean back and touch the floor behind you with the other hand, despite my knees feeling like they may be 40 years old and I may have trouble walking today. And I kissed that boy goodbye despite the fact that he looked about twelve years old because he and his friend were hands down the best dancers in the place. And we waited in line (in line!) at nearly 4 am for a table at the Majestic and then waited even longer for diner food, but it was good and tonight was perfect and how could I possibly have gone this long without a night like this?


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